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At L & H Motorsports, we provide a variety of services for all types of car owners, from Paint Correction services, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protective Film (PPF) installations to Full and Custom Details we have a wide range of menu options to choose from.


Our staff will help you choose the right option for your needs and budget. You can trust us – we know our luxury cars. In fact, our team has over 30 years of experience servicing all vehicle makes and models, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and higher end exotic lines like Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, and more.
Conveniently located in Middlesex, New Jersey, offering a wide variety of services allowing our customers to enjoy the most out of their vehicle without the common hassles of ownership.

Automotive Purchasing

L&H Motorsports wants to buy your vehicle!
Whether you are a seasoned collector or just want a change from your current vehicle, L&H can not only help you find your next ride, but we can buy your existing vehicle. We offer appraisals at your home or office, and can often offer better valuation than a dealer since we specialize in Luxury and Exotics. Even if you are not looking to buy your next vehicle, we will be more than happy to evaluate your current ride and give you a check within 24 hours.

Automotive Sales

Are you simply tired of the games when looking to purchase a new vehicle, and rather deal with a professional that can protect the customer’s best interest? Let’s face it, the luxury and exotic vehicle market can be tricky in determining true value, and everyone selling their car wants the most for their dollar.
L&H Motorsports can help walk you through the most important part of vehicle purchasing – the definition of value. We offer to act as a broker on the behalf of our clients, giving them access to dealership networks not available to the general public, and offering discounts in the process by defining value. Whether it is a luxury or exotic, to main-stream daily driver, let L&H help you find your next ride.

Premium Climate-Controlled Vehicle Storage

From collectors to enthusiasts, we offer a variety of storage packages that will allow you to expand your collection without the concerns of storage. Short term and long term contracts are available as well as picking up and dropping off your vehicle from your home or office to our storage facility. We offer a premium climate controlled facility with full security, trickle chargers, and the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe and sound and free from the reach of Mother Nature.

Automobile Collection Management Services

Are you a seasoned collector and just need help in managing your collection? Any collector can understand that there is always something that needs attention, and most busy professionals are constricted by time. Let L&H Motorsports help you keep your vehicles current with maintenance, dealer visits, customizations or any aspect of car care. We are not just a shop of professionals, we think like car collectors making sure that our customers are always one step ahead of their car’s needs leaving them the most time to enjoy driving them.

Concierge Services

Many of our clients have a vision of what they want from their ride – some know how to execute while others need help along the way. L&H’s concierge services can help offer that white glove treatment which makes our clients feel like their own VIP. From coordinating with dealerships, or third-party vendors, we offer end-to-end services for your vehicle where all you need to do is tell us what you need accomplished and L&H handles all of the coordination.

Premium Automotive Detailing

Just as humans can go to a Spa, your vehicle should enjoy the same luxuries of professional care. Spending a day waxing and detailing your vehicle are fantastic for when we have time to dedicate, but there are occasions when we simply don’t have the time or just need professional results. Our team of skilled detailers will help keep your car looking like it is prepped for the showroom floor!

Paint Correction Services

Have you ever spent hours waxing and waxing your car, and buying every known detailing product but the finish of your vehicle still does not look like that showroom finish? Let’s face it, we all may know how to wax a car, but few have the skills of a seasoned detailer. We offer a wide variety of detail packages to full Ceramic Coatings.
Our professional detailing service will take the finish of your vehicle’s coat to the next level to restore the same look and feel from the showroom floor.

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

The pinnacle of customization comes from a full vinyl car wrap that allows the car owner to change the appearance of their car to any color while protecting the original paint and finish. Modern solutions offer the full color spectrum at the fraction of changing the paint color. Let our team work with you to convert your vehicle to an artistic expression!

Wheel Repair

Have you ever backed into that spot next to a curb and heard that agonizing scrape of rims against curb? If you are a car enthusiast, you will go through stages where you try to pretend it is not there or ignore it, but sooner or later it gets under your skin. Stop the torture, fixing damaged rims is quick and easy and gives your vehicle the look of premium care.

Powder Coating

Do your rimes just look plain old and faded? L&H can take your tired rims and bring some new life to them through powder coating. For a fraction of the cost of buying new rims, existing rims are stripped down and have a new coat applied to them electrostatically and then baked to form the final finish. Various colors are available, and can make your wheels and your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Window Tinting

Tired of the heat and the glare from the open road? Give your eyes and your interior the protection they deserve, from protective films that will not only give your vehicle a fresh sporty appearance, but protect your interior from damaging UV radiation and lower the effects of visual glare and interior heat.

And more!

If you are looking to keep your car looking like it belongs in a collection, but simply do not have the time to keep up with many aspects of car care, let L&H Motorsports help in keeping the ownership of that special vehicle to the best part – the drive!

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