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Our Story

L & H Motorsports was created to offer a full-service Automotive Transaction experience that is far from the ordinary, far from the average. It is not just about selling your car, or even finding and buying your next car, rather working with a group of professionals that can represent the interests of the Auto Enthusiast and guide the customer through making an informed decision.
Founded by two friends who met through the same experience that brings together a buyer and seller of Automobiles, our goal is to offer an automotive transaction that is balanced through the perspective of both sides of a transaction.
Many auto enthusiasts come to realize over time, as much as they love Motorsport, the process of selling a car and buying something new and different often negates the thrill of finding that next ride. Just as music lovers can not listen to the same song, a true Auto Enthusiast needs variety, and ideally the easiest way to make that transaction happen.

Our Mission

“Your car is an expression of yourself” – L & H Motorsports Core Value
Our mission is to make an automotive enthusiast’s next vehicle purchase a simple and effortless process. We offer assistance in every step of the process, from selling your vehicle and listing it through our extensive network, to working through our connections with Nationwide Dealers to find that special vehicle, regardless of the age or genre. Being a collector simply does not have to be complicated by the process of transacting a vehicle.
We work with our customers to meet their unique automotive needs – from vehicle storage to car buying to auto sales. Whether you come in with a car to sell or an itch to buy a new luxury vehicle, our team will come alongside you and act as you advocate in a way other buyers simply will not.
We can buy and sell vehicles Nationwide, help list your car for sale, store your vehicle and offer assistance in showing the car to potential buyers, provide financing, and perform Pre-Purchase Inspections nationwide. We are there every step of the way saving the customer time and hassle, in addition to keeping them on the right side of a financial transaction.
Our customers are getting the very best deal on their next vehicle and gaining access to a number of other luxury autos available for purchase by having a dealer advocate for them, and not just act as a sales person. Over the years, we’ve developed quite the community over here, bringing together a range of other local car collectors.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we are here to help every step of the way.

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